Sunsets Are Never The Same

These are the things that I have encountered within the four days of vacation in Boracay.

So much has changed from the very first time that I visited the island, that was way back in 2004. I remembered that I was with my ex-boyfriend Beejay back then. We weren’t able to go out of the island then. Over the years of visiting Boracay, I really can’t recall the number of times that I have been to this island, the enjoyment, satisfaction and possibilities are unending! And I love that! Comforts of vacationers are not compromised while staying at Boracay, without ever sacrificing the natural pristine beauty of the place. I love the fact that investors grow in number over the years because it’s one of the signs that Boracay Island is truly majestic and that there is a need for everyone to appreciate the island in all its full glory. I’m sure that most of you would react and say that there are other beaches or islands across the Philippines which is at par with beauty or perhaps more splendid than Boracay however for me, the memories I have shared with the island are far more magnificent than the rest of its wonders. The blueprint is on my mind! hihihi

Sunset in Boracay has always been a fascination for photographers, ordinary people and the like. I speak so for myself. I have this belief that sunsets are never the same. True enough to claim. Behold, I was able to capture some of them!


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