Fashion Fruit Rocks!

Fashion Fruit Rocks!

the icing mini-skirt in blue hawaii bought from Fashion Fruit

the icing mini-skirt in blue hawaii bought from Fashion Fruit used as a skirt

I stumbled upon Fashion Fruit while searching for a bikini cover-up to replace a favorite piece that I lost during one of my trips. Was slowly losing hope on finding a replacement at that time, a little panicky at that because the trip is set 3 weeks away. It took me quite a while to land on Gea’s site, can’t remember how I was actually able to locate her site in fact. But my excitement grew as I browsed through the product offerings. And my hopes as well. Not only was I able to find a replacement for my bikini cover-up, I was able to find a fashion haven online!

Fashion fruit in Atwayan Beach, Coron, Palawan

Gea’s fashion line is at par with that of the popular brands seen inside the mall as far as designs are concerned. I’m actually impressed on how Gea creatively chooses and designs her own pieces. She actually has an excellent fashion sense: simple yet elegant pieces which truly reflects on her products. Her line also offers chic, flirty and modern ensemble that women from all walks of life can afford.

Fashion fruit in Banana Island, Coron, Palawan

My personal requirements when purchasing clothes: should be unique and versatile. Fashion Fruit is one of the stores that met and even surpassed that criteria. The items are very unique especially the ones that I bought. I wasn’t able to see anyone wearing the same mini-skirt that I have when I went to Boracay, not even those that are for sale on souvenir shops in the island. Not only that, the piece’s vesatility went from just being a skirt to becoming a bikini cover-up when we went from swimming and island hopping. I can also wear the mini-skirt on top of my skinny jeans or leggings to add flair to my wardrobe. You’ll not only get to be a fashionista but you’ll get value for money for the pieces that you purchase with Fashion Fruit. That’s remarkable!

icing mini-skirt in blue hawaii used as bikini cover up

icing mini-skirt in blue hawaii used as bikini cover up

What’s truly astounding about this online store, aside from the affordability, uniqueness and versatility of the products, is how Gea treats her customers, very professional with a personal touch. She gives an honest to goodness advise on fashion dilemmas. She can also be your fashion guru at the same time. Most of all, her responses are apt and items ordered from her are delivered on time. Those are just some of my reasons why I remained loyal to Fashion Fruit. And because of Fashion Fruit, every Juana can be chic, fashionable and trendy without having to buy expensive fashion pieces.  Our prayers are finally answered. Thanks to Fashion Fruit! And to Gea, keep up the good work! Hope to see more affordable and trendy pieces from you soon! Fashion Fruit Really Rocks!

the red jumpsuit bought from Fashion Fruit

the red jumpsuit bought from Fashion Fruit


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