Welcome To The Pearl Of Nagcarlan

The Grandest Semi- private resort nestled in the lush Green of Natural Environment. An ideal place for total relaxation of mind and body amidst the cool climate and serene surroundings miraculously preserved against time. A modern resort located in Alibungbungan, Nagcarlan, Laguna. About 90 minutes drive from Manila, traversing from the scenic and natural wonders of Laguna. The resort caters to various family or group activities with its spacious open areas.

Service and Facilities:

  • 2 storey clubhouse w/ 500 person capacity for all occasion parties, seminars and events, with standby electric generators ( so no brown outs)
  • large swimming pool and a separate kiddie pool of natural spring water from Mt. Banahaw
  • bamboo picnic huts, bamboo cottages, or choose from among their concrete rooms
  • leisure rafting, skiny dipping or nature swimming at our exotically crafted running water lagoon by our native brothers of Ifugao
  • convenient camp site surrounded by stone crafted fence and winding stairs hand made by the natives of Mountain Province, great for Bivouacs and Retreats
  • horse-back riding
  • billiards and darts
  • videoke
  • affordable catering services

The climate is very cool similar to the breeze of Tagaytay. Only 30mins from San Pablo City and Santa Cruz, Laguna. You can buy your meals at their mini- bar, avail our catering services, or just simply cook your own food in our kitchen facilities. Drinking water is from the natural springs of Mt. Banahaw. Nagcarlan has cell sites for GLOBE, SMART and SUN. Nagcarlan has the only existing catacomb (underground cemetery) in the Philippines. The nearby Church of St. Bartholomew was the setting of the block buster hit telenovela, KAMPANERANG KUBA.The next town of Liliw, about 3kms away, is where you can go shopping for beautiful and elegant bags as well as locally made fashionable footwear at very reasonable prices.The entrance fee is at P50/ head and room rates vary from P1,000 to P2500 depending on the size. All these rates are overnight rates. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact the following numbers: (02) 7943471, (049) 5631-063, (049) 5265339 [Main Office], 0917-9789141, 0915 -8383928, casadetobiasmountainresort@yahoo.com.


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