The Next Pit Stop: On Coron Island Loop Tour

This was posted by  Owen Ferrer on his DIY Coron site as an announcement on August 7, 2009.

“This post supersedes my previous post about Twin lagoon.

Twin Lagoon now have a separate entrance fee. It is separate now from Kayangan Lake. Before, when you go to Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon, you only pay P200/head. Now, if you go to Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon, you pay P300/head. Kayangan entrance fee is P200/head. And Twin Lagoon entrance fee is P100/head.

Now all my tour cost would be affected. For your guidance.”

This could only mean that it would be an additional cost for us travellers as well. Owen did not specified in his blog why there are changes and increase in the entrance fees.

Divine Gonzales

peace to y'all!

In my personal opinion, I don’t see any reason why there should be an increase as far as the entrance fees are concerned because there were never any changes nor any renovations made at the place. Moreover, this area is a sanctuary, a natural wonder, formed over the years by nature itself. As far as capital is concerned, they didn’t have to shell out anything at all to be expecting for a profit in return. Where do these fees go anyway? To the caretakers? Like how much salary are they expecting every month anyways? The influx of people going to Coron island should be enough to cover the maintenance of the place. People who go there are educated enough to know they shouldn’t be trashing out the place! What’s to maintain then? Nothing virtually, except their growing personal expenses I guess, for which the travelers would have to cover for them.

I guess for me, I just can’t see a valid reason why there should be an increase as far as the entrance fees are concerned. In fact, it should get low because there’s also an increase in the number of travelers who visit the lovely place. I just hope that these people who imposed these entrance fees realize that we also should have a taste of our own nature without having to rack up our own expenses for their own sustenance, we are all Filipinos after all. They should have a heart not to take advantage of travelers because like them, we also have our own mouths to feed. They’re just very fortunate that there are travelers who thirst for Coron’s sublime beauty, who just can’t resist going to the place.

Now that they have increased the rates and changed their “policies”, p0sting below the anticipated expenses for doing the Coron Island Loop trip for your guidance. The rates posted below does not include the tour guide and the lunch. It does include the boatman though. You would have to rely on your boatman’s  decisions and diskarte for the trip. You can plan you Coron Island loop trip under your good judgement with the guide below:

Boat rent Php1500 good for up to 10 persons as per Patrik

Siete Pecados 100

Kayangan Lake 200

Skeleton Wreck 100

Twin Lagoon 100

Banol Beach 100

CYC Beach (free)

I remember Patrik (who is a foreign guy who decided to marry a Filipina, staying in Coron for sometime now and has his own boat and rooms for rent in the area) having once said on the Coron, Palawan (Calamianes Group of Islands) thread in Pinoy exchange and it read as:

Actually I would not recommend anyone, r u looking for most value for money then put together ur trip ur self. Just backread a bit and u find the contactnumbers for islandovernightstays.
Airporttransfers always waiting outside the airport for 150p/head, find the best price for boatrentals etc, tell the boatcaptain to arrange the food, that will be the lowest price for sure. Everybody that will give u a packed price for everything will make money out of u ofcourse, nobody works for free (even if they say so).

Email me if u have any questions etc and I will point u to the right directions (exept island overnights)


It’s so sad to know that even our own countrymen try to make so much profit from us compared to him who doesn’t have Filipino blood in him and the only connection that he has from us is his Filipina wife. You might say that he’s too good to be true, but then again, he is. I haven’t met Patrik personally but according to Owen, Patrik is a good and humorous person wrapped in one package. Coron is a splendid destination if not only for those people who are used to taking advantage of travelers. Issues like these can be prevented but not at the present time. I’m just hoping that the local government can do something about this. And it’s not gonna stop me from my trip to Coron, no. I’m still going because I’m destined to go to Coron (probably because of the  tickets that have been purchased), and I love to go to Coron. And I must say that meeting Patrik will be one of my agendas on my upcoming tour of  Coron, Busuanga Island, Palawan.


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