Zest Air Reduces Flights To Busuanga Island

Zest Air flight changes

Effective October 17, 2009 Zest Air will reduce their flight frequency going to Busuanga, Palawan. Right now until October 17 their flights to Busuanga are daily. From October 17 moving forward their flights are scheduled limited to only Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays but the flight departure and arrival times remain the same. All the passengers with confirmed flights affected by the changes are offered two options: flight reschedule at no extra charge or full refund of the ticket amount for the affected flights only.

You guessed it right! I am one of the passengers affected by this abrupt change that they have implemented. Our group is set to fly to Busuanga on October 21st which unfortunately falls on a Wednesday. I learned of this sad news from one of my friends who intended to join us on our trip to Coron. He called Zest Air Customer Service line trying to book for October 21st and he was informed by the representative that they won’t be flying passengers to Busuanga on a Wednesday. And I am very disappointed with Zest Air on this aspect.

I called their Customer Service line myself today to confirm the information and spoke to one of their representatives. Much to my chagrin, the representative herself was not even aware of the flight changes as far as Busuanga destination is concerned. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes, probably tried to confirm the information that I gave her. After 10 gruelling minutes of waiting on the line she returned on the line and informed me that there is indeed minor changes with the flight frequency for the Busuanga destination. I must admit that I got panicky over the situation and somehow over-reacted, I can sense that the representative shifted from being naive to nervous because of my retorts. Thinking that there’s but nothing else that I could do, I let the representative go.

After the thought sinked in to my system, I realized there’s no other choice but to refund the ticket amount to purchase for a new ticket from a different airline. The changes they have implemented have caused a great deal of adjustments for us in terms of time management, budget restrictions and travel itinerary. But I am however greatful to Zest Air because I’ve learned one thing from them. Quality is still and must always be one’s top priority in every aspect of our life. I now have learned to see the if something is really worthy of its monetarial value. We can’t expect for something grand out of the things we have, if it was bought for merely a song. Learn and live!


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