Kawayanan Grill Station In Coron, Palawan

Kawayanan Grill Station Bar and Restaurant

I’ve read quite a few good reviews about this restaurant during the planning stage for visiting Coron town. Moreso it  is highly recommended by most of the people I asked around, matanong kasi ako! Kawayanan Grill Station is a garden restaurant popular to Palawenos especially to that of Coron. Noticeable about the place is that customers do have an option to chill out on monobloc chairs or hang out on one of their nipa huts. And oh, the main bar is also made out of I think kawayan, nipa and driftwood pieces. This grill station is strategically located along Don Pedro Street just beside the Coron Sports Complex and it can get pretty loud and noisy at this bar especially when there are town events being celebrated, like what we had experienced. The place is the Calamian version of Gerry’s Grill, too bad I’m not much of a fan of seafoods (gives me the allergies).

Before our meals were served

Aside from being a restaurant, bar and grill they also offer videoke services on one of  their private air-conditioned rooms charged at an hourly rate. At the farther end of the station, they have a small stage set-up with light fixtures used especially by bands for their live performances and jamming sessions. We were quite fortunate to have witnessed a performance from the Tribu Calamianen (a local indie/culture band) at this bar, it was an awesome display of talent and culture of the Calamians. That was on October 23, 2009 (which is actually one of the highlights of the Oktoberfest in Coron). Beside the restaurant is a small souvenir shop most probably also owned by the Kawayanan proprietors. I was told  that the bar’s whole concept was the brain-child of 4 friends wanting to venture into a restaurant cum bar business. Not a bad idea, I should say.

Hand-made shell lanters at Kawayanan Grill Station

A shot of the hand-made shell lantern from below

Served by the pitcher

Served by the pitcher


What I liked about this bar is its interior and the over-all feel of the place. The center of attraction for this restaurant is the hand-made shell lanterns that  hung all over the station which imbibes a mixture of homey/festive/native  ambiance to the place. Cool! Lights are dimmed to set the mood for chilling and relaxing. The choice of music has got that relaxing effect as well. Less, of course, the occasional sound from the private videoke room that they have.  As for the cocktails, the Kawayanan crew revs up a mean concoction of rhum, four seasons and generous helpings of fresh orange fruit which they proudly call as Coron Sling. It is served  at an affordable price of  Php380 per pitcher. Take note of the stirrer which also had hand made shell trinkets worthy of a souvenir of the place. Hmmm… Ramil was lucky enough to take home one of them actually! Aside from Coron Sling, they also can prep a good blow job for you. Guys, blow job, the cocktail! The crew prepared a nice warm blow job just for me hahahaha! Moreover, judging from their menu I noticed that they actually serve the cheapest San Mig Light from all the bars around Coron town.

The Coron Sling courtesy of eonphoto.org (thanks Rage!)

What I certainly loved most about the place is again the hospitality of the crew during our stay. We were treated with royalty for 3 nights in a row considering the place was flocked with customers at that time. We also had an opportunity to meet one of the 4 owners of the place, I think his name is John or Joseph, I forgot his name because the introduction was very brief.  He was quite busy entertaining other customers/friends and probably of brain-storming ideas with his wife (who is also a co-owner of the resto-bar). Nevertheless, the relaxing homey feel of the place combined with the warm hospitality of the people added to the already over-flowing positive experiences that I have had during my vacation in Coron, Palawan. Kawayanan Grill is also home to one of the most memorable experiences that I have had in my entire life.

Grilled fish with lato for Mona

Grilled fish with lato salad for Mona

Sizzling sisig and rice for Ian

Tapsilog for me

Kawayanan Grill Station is definitely a must-see and try while at Coron, Palawan. This is a place where the old can meet the new,  the convergence  of  people from all walks of life, and where all the nationalities speak of only one language that we all understand: HAVING FUN! Ambiance is perfect for night outs, music is soothing, food served is great, every serving is a value for money, nice crew; what more can you ask for? My verdict: Divine approved, all the possible thumbs up!!!!

Chillin' with friends at Kawayanan Grill Station


4 comments on “Kawayanan Grill Station In Coron, Palawan

  1. We ate at Kawayanan’s Grill at Coron on May 2, 2011, 9pm…

    Some other bad reviews :


    And here’s my REAL REVIEW of their (TERRIBLE) SERVICE(also posted this at http://www.loversfeet.com/warning-kawayanan-grill-at-coron-palawan/)

    1. staff
    – ate on May 2, 2011, dinner, 9pm, and staff/(the 2 waitresses) were terrible…
    – served pitcher ice tea first, then we asked to have it stored in the ref first since food was not yet served. When it was served back, ice melted(no more ice), and it wasn’t that cold anymore
    – the waitress DIDN’t TAKE DOWN our order of 1 SEAFOOD grill, so it wasn’t served
    – very unfriendly staff… kawayanan grill wasn’t full at that time
    2. FOOD
    – the bulalo was TERRIBLE! only good for 1 person, and very HARD!
    – did I mention that seafood grill wasn’t served? We followed up the seafood grill when I was halfway done with my rice, and found out that it wasn’t taken down.
    – we just feasted on the bagoong served with the kangkong… That was the only food that became our vian…
    We ordered :
    1 bulalo
    1 seafood grill
    1 kangkong with bagoong
    4 rice
    1 pitcher ice tea


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