VA Birang Guest House In Coron, Palawan

The Birang Guest House or the Lovely Orange House, served as our home away from home while at Coron, Palawan on Feb 9-12, 2010.  It is located near the Pier, beside IJC Oil  in Barangay Tagumpay.  The guest house can easily be spotted because it’s the only seafront house painted in bright orange color. I found this guest house while searching through several other blogs about Coron accommodations.  The moment I saw the pictures of the place from one of the blogs, I fell in love with it. Aside from the fact that it’s nestled on a seafront area, the guest house is newly-built and well maintained by the house keepers. It was in fact my first option the first time I was travelling to Coron in October 2009. Unfortunately the guest house was fully-booked at that time so I decided to try Darayonan.

What I loved most about the guest house is the breezy homey atmosphere it gave us during our stay. Aside from the fact that the owner, Virginia Birang,  gave us very competitive rates for the entire duration of our stay.  It was I should say, a relief from the gruesome condition of Coron at that time – the fact that the town suffered from electricity blackouts from 6am until 5pm every single day since January 2010. I wasn’t able to suffer the effects of the blackout because of the breeze coming from the Coron Bay during the day. Every morning, I get a chance to see fishes swarming near our place. It was the kind of  feeling that you could only achieve at pricey accommodations.

The guest house features several amenities such as a kitchen where you are allowed to cook your own food. What we did was we bought food from the market and let the housekeepers cook the food for us, of course with an extra charge for the cooking. It indeed saved a couple of pesos for us because of this idea. Moreover, we get to eat expensive crustaceans at an affordable price! Just see the picture below and you’d know what I meant. You’d just have to wake up early and go to the market to be able to buy the freshest catch offered at cheap prices.

The rooms, 6 in all,  offer a spectacular view of the Coron Bay during the day and a magnificent blanket of stars at night. We stayed at the second floor where the breeze is cool and the views, just amazing! The housekeepers religiously clean the place from time to time so you can be assured that the entire place including the bathrooms remain clean. The inside of the guest house features warm shades of wood and kawayan colors, which complement the orange color of the house. The have a total of 3 common/shared bathrooms that have showers and water heaters. One amenity that is rare to find in Coron town. Birang Guest House was one of the accommodations that I was satisfied with staying in terms of location, rates, cleanliness and customer service. Staying in this guest house is really a value for money especially when you are travelling on a budget. I highly recommend this place for family out of town trips as well because of the fact that you could rent the entire house, if it’s available.

Birang Guest House does not have any website yet at this time. However, you may contact Virginia Birang @ 09209048280 for your inquiries and reservations.

let's eat!

one of the amazing views from the 2nd floor of Birang Guest House

another view from the other side of the 2nd floor

our room at the 2nd floor

the living and the dining area at the 2nd floor

the view from our room

chilling at the terrace of the 2nd floor

32 comments on “VA Birang Guest House In Coron, Palawan

  1. Birang’s Guest house is “photogenic” and you get a nice view of the sea albeit your way to it is another’s backdoor and clothesline. While most visitors to Coron would be out island-hopping, should you choose to stay at Birang’s be prepared for
    > one towel for your entire stay at Birang’s, whether its 3 or 5 days or more. Additional charge for every towel change.
    > an uncleaned room , bathroom and common area ; they will clean only you ask them to
    > no water when you flush at midnight! The water pressure is supposedly so strong that they have to ‘adjust’ but in the process “inadvertently” shut off the water line
    > brown-outs although they have a generator for light and electric fans
    > no light and electric fan in your room when the power comes back in the middle of the night when the one in charge does not wake up to handle the switches – generator OFF and Power ON!

    The 3rd floor bathroom has no sink and no hot water( contrary to what I was told!!)

    • goodthing you had a towel, i was not given any!!!! the linens are not changed daily. bathrooms are not cleaned everyday!!! they were busy attending to the needs of their full boarded guests

  2. I arrive in Manila december 12, 2011. I will be visiting Coron on the 12th or 13th–depending on transportation and would like an upstairs room for 5 to 7 days. Can you tell me the rates?

  3. hi po uli… i forget to ask… can you please post more photos of rooms. i’l be glad po to see. ‘coz me & my hubby are planning to have a trip in Coron. Thank you so much.

  4. Hi! I would like to inquire how much would be the 2 nights rate for 2 and good for 4 on the second floor room? how much din po pag overnight good for 2 pax and 4 pax? please email me on my above email address. Your guest house is recommended by my tita. I can see your guesthouse is nice and clean..

    thank you very much.

    • hi Sam!

      thanks for dropping by my page. I’m not updated on Birang Guest House’s room rates. you may however like their fan page in Facebook with search string Birang Guesthouse and inquire on room rates from there. you may also add either Virginia or Blessie Birang, through Facebook as well. or just simply text Mrs. Birang through the number posted above.



    • The place is okay but the owner’s attitude is sooo disappointing that instead of recommending the place to my friends,I will probably not.

  5. hi would you mind if i share this review on our facebook page? I just created an FB page for the guesthouse and it would be awesome to have a review from an actual customer 🙂

  6. hi divine,

    when are you coming back to Coron? My tita is so grateful for your review 🙂 i just created a facebook page, would you mind if post this blog as one of our reviews?


    • hi Isa!

      thanks for dropping by my site. please be informed that I am not in anyway connected with VA Birang Guest House. but you however can reach them on the number posted above.


      Divine Gonzales

  7. Hi. We are planning to stay at VA Birang Guest House. Can the place accomodate 26 persons? This is for 1 night only.

    • hi!

      thanks for dropping by! with regards to your inquiry, judging from the total number of rooms they have, yes they can accommodate 26 persons. but it would be better if you call them directly for your inquiries.

      happy trip to Coron though!

  8. We also stayed in VA Birang during our Coron trip last Oct 2009. All praises to Ms. Viring and her staff… 🙂 We’ll definitely be going back to their place…

    • hi Anne!

      thanks for taking some time in reading this review. and in all honesty, I really fell in love with the place the first time I saw it on the website. fell in love even more during my stay.

      best wishes on your upcoming wedding sistah!

      take care!

      divine gonzales

    • hi blessie!

      thanks for reading the post. the pleasure’s all mine! until my next visit, hope to see you around.

      divine gonzales

    • hi. ive been trying to call the cell number you posted (09209048280) but its inactive already. do you happen to have other contact numbers? thanks very much.

      • hi doty!

        according to Mrs. Birang, she still has the same number. just try to dial again.

        hope you’ll find time to visit Coron and stay at her place. thanks!

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