Mahatao Barrio

Mahatao Barrio

Mahatao town proper is 7 kilometers away from the town of Basco. I was told that this town holds the Ivatan’s birth certificate. It is comprised of four politically subdivided barangays: Hanib, Kaumbakan, Panatayan and Uvoy.

We stopped by the town proper to visit the San Carlos Borromeo Church and registered ourselves at the Tourism office. The San Carlos Borromeo Church was built in 1873 A.D. by Cresencio Onesimo Polo using limestone for wall and cogon roofing. Declared by the National Museum and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts as one of 26 churches in the Philippines recognized as cultural icons. Photos shown below are the inside of the church as that’s the only structure typically visited for this barrio.

the crown, necklace and rosary were made of pure gold

reminiscent of the cogon roofing


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