My Pot-bellied Pig Jona

My Pot-bellied Pig Jona

We have been longing to have a mini pot-bellied pig for so long and our prayers have finally been answered. Welcome Jona to our family!

The pot-bellied pig (Vietnamese: Lợn ỉn) is a breed of domesticated pig originating in Vietnam. Considerably smaller than standard American or European farm pigs, most adult pot-bellied pigs are about the size of a medium- or large-breed dog. Pot-bellied pigs can be easily discerned from other pig breeds by their size, upright ears, and straight tail. Not all pure sub-species have a pot belly and a swayed back. Because pot-bellied pigs are the same species as ordinary farmyard pigs and wild boars, they are capable of interbreeding. Most pot-bellied pigs have been crossed with various farm pig species, which is why many are outsized in comparison to a true pure bred Vietnamese pot-bellied pig.


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