Surf’s NOT Up In Naga!


We headed further down south after our Barangay Alanao river escapade and found ourselves trudging the way to Bagasbas Beach in Naga City.  From what I know, Bagasbas Beach is home to surfing addicts during the habagat season. But since it’s the middle of March, I don’t think we’ll get to see some action-packed surf scenes at this time of the year. We went there anyways and here are some of the scene stealer that we found.

The Bagasbas Beach

Villa Catherine Restaurant

Villa Catherine is one of the new restaurants along the Bagasbas Beach coast. We were quite disappointed at this restaurant. First because they don’t allow guests to smoke in their open-air establishment. Second, we were not allowed to eat upstairs where we’d like to see the view of the beach from an elevated position. And third, the meals do not live up to the amount you paid for it. In other words, a quite pricey restaurant for nothing.

watch tower

banlaw for P5.00, you'll have to fetch water from a 'poso' though

lovers in Bagasbas paradise

Bagasbas Beach coast

We decided to spend the night in this area for the reason that I wanted to take a dip in the cool waters of Naga. I wasn’t able to ask around from my friends or do some research as far as the accommodations are concerned because this trip was planned days before our departure. Looking at the place, I was afraid that we would not be able to find a decent one. The beach coast looked so sad and gloomy during summer months I should say! And it was clear that this area does not offer any budget accommodations. Surfers normally camp from what I heard.

And so we trudged over the small alleys and streets trying to find an decent lodging (read: with own comfort room, not necessarily air-conditioned). I asked people around on rooms for rent and one of the townsfolk recommended Zenaida’s Palace. He even gave us the directions on how to go about the inn. He said that it’s a nice place so we decided to take a peek. Fortunately, he gave us the exact and precise direction so we didn’t had a hard time trying to locate it. Lo and behold, this is what we have found!

Zenaida's Palace in Bagasbas Beach, Naga City

The Palace was far from my imagination. I was expecting some kind of a bungalow style accommodation with average amenities. However, Zenaida’s Palace exceeded my expectations. Colored yellow on white, the inside a pleasant surprise! We got the room which is good for 3 persons. The owner, Miss Zenaida is very kind and generous. She charged us Php1200 for a night and with  these amenities:

from the room's entrance, the other side has a queen-sized bed

the single bed near the mini bar

the mini bar, the other side is where the queen-sized bed is located

and it has a BATH TUB!

cabinet door with whole body mirror

This is actually the first time that I encountered such decent accommodation in a remote area. And I was glad we were directed here. Thank you Manong! After we succumbed our room to our heart’s content we decided to take a plunge on Bagasbas Beach.


3 comments on “Surf’s NOT Up In Naga!

  1. Dear Morbid Angel,

    Thank you for visiting Bagasbas! I hope I’m saying this politely that Bagasbas is located in Daet, Camarines Norte on your way to Naga City (still about 2 hours drive from Daet).

    Truly appreciate your comments about Zenaida’s Palace which I also shared to my friends.

    Once again, thanks a lot!

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