Top 7 Things You Should Never Forget When Travelling

I have been travelling to several destinations for quite sometime now.  Most of us like to travel mainly because of the excitement provided by the discovery of new places, meeting new people and even new cultures. Sometimes we just take a trip to relax and to enjoy our spare time and get away from the routine. However not every trip is for pleasure and not everyone likes to make journeys. Because almost everybody at some point in their life has to make a trip to a foreign country or to several parts of our country. Here is a list of things you should not forget when travelling. It is always better to take the time to think about where you are going and the situations you may face there and it is best to be prepared if not for the worst case scenarios, then at least for common unpleasant situations you may find yourself in. You may find it of great help or not but due to my past experiences (not necessarily all good or pleasurable), I strongly advice you to read the following lines:

  • CASH AT HAND. It is always a good idea to have some cash on hand for a late night snack, drink or an afternoon tea depending on your mood. Usually the majority of people forget to bring their personal items such as toothbrush, shaving tools spray deodorant etc and it is always in the last moment when you actually need to use this stuff, that you remember you’ve forgot them at home. Then, things can take a turn for the worse and evolve in an embarrassing situation where you find yourself forced to borrow someone else’s toothbrush without them actually knowing of course.
  • COMFORTABLE SHOES. Try to bring a pair of comfortable shoes if you want to do a lot of sightseeing because brand new shoes can cause blisters and I don’t think there is a person who enjoys walking around with a pair of shoes that hurt your feet. Your vacation is not the time to break in the new shoes you just bought. If you do so, try to bag also another pair of shoes, just in case.
  • CAMERA. A simple digital camera or a camcorder is very light and won’t take up much space in your luggage but it will make a world of a difference when sharing special events and memories with co workers at the water dispenser or with the family and loved ones.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS. Driver’s license, passport, keys to your luggage, ATM cards and travellers checks can easily fit into a small bag that you will have on yourself at all times. Also, don’t forget to bring proper identification of the children you’re tagging along with for the trip.
  • THE ITINERARY. Although you don’t actually have to follow it exactly down to the last second, the itinerary is very important and you should carefully plan your stay ahead. If you are on a business trip, your schedule is already made and things are easier for you. Remember that your pre planned itinerary is there to help you do as much as you can during your stay, not to pose any restrictions and not in any case to interfere if anybody else in the group has a different idea. When you are travelling in a different country you have to try to keep an open mind and never settle for a strict itinerary because you have the wonderful opportunity to submerge yourself in a different culture and lifestyle.
  • LITTLE FIRST AID KIT. Pack a few essentials including some antiseptic ointment, plasters, maybe a couple of small bandages and dressings, some Vaseline and pain-killers. You may also want to pack some anti-malaria tablets, insect repellent and maybe some anti-histamine cream for those annoyingly itchy bites.
  • SUNSCREEN. SPF 30 minimum. Any less and you stand to get burned. A sunscreen should also contain either zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

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