Country-living In Camsur 2010

Our road trip to Bicol province was set on March 18-21, 2010 and believe me we traveled using a truck! I must admit it was a bit of uncomfortable on the side however the traveler spirit in me said, “Go for it!”

We took the SLEX going to Batangas province. There are also public air conditioned or not buses that are Bicol bound however I can’t recall what they are.

We stopped by at Gumaca, Quezon around to just admire the sunrise, and it was tremendously beautiful! That’s all I can say. I guess most sunrises and sunsets are I should say. But this one, powered by the cool wind in summer and spectacular display of changing colors, I was breathless to even capture all the moments. But then again, I was lucky enough to be able to.

After about 5 more hours of driving, we finally reached our destination: Barangay Alanao in Camarines Sur. It’s a small barangay with more or less 400 residents who happens to have a very simple kind of living. Christopher’s family had a 2 bedroom concrete bungalow which does not have a ceiling. Their water is supplied by a neighbor’s well nearby. I’m guessing that the water company in the area might not have enough funds for their constructions or pipe installations yet so the people strive to fetch water from the well every morning for their the entire day’s use.

But I don’t think that is necessary when at the further back of their barangay, they have this clean river which supplies most of the much needed water for their daily use. Amazingly, the river is clean! We even took a dip which lasted for about 3 hours, hahaha!


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    • hi sis!

      thanks for taking the liberty of visiting my blog site. this is nothing compared to what you have.

      thanks for everything!


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