Food Trip In Guimaras

Food Trip in Guimaras

What else to do in Guimaras? The morning after was welcomed by the warm sun shining through the beach like it’s inviting you to take a dip…and so we did while waiting for our breakfast. This is supposedly our last chance at savoring the most sought after iced drink in the island, the mango shake!

cliff diving anyone?

The day started with a stroll along the beach of Nueva Valencia and the almost failed cliff-diving. What really pissed us was because of the fact that every beach resort we passed through would charge us an entrance fee, for just passing by their beach front. Now this is something that the government I think would have to monitor because this is clearly a rip-off especially to back packers like us.  To avoid arguments with the locales, we paid up just so we can proceed with our own business with the place. The shore was not filled with any touristy-looking individuals and groups. I think they were just locales, from within the area of Iloilo looking to have a good time with their friends and families. The cottages were fully occupied, a sign of good business in the area. What really bothered me though was there weren’t many choices as far as eating is concerned. On my previous page, one can only eat at the resort where one is checked-in. Or if you have plenty of room in your car, you can probably just bring your own food. The resorts have grill stations, free to use at anytime.

the morning after

After our breakfast with mango shake, we decided to pack our things and head back to the city. Our flight back to Manila was scheduled at the wee hour of 10pm. We got plenty of time to explore the entire island by land and the city for some food tripping (which actually was our original plan). Our group hired a mini-jeepney big enough to fit about ten people inside. We chose to hire this kind of transportation due to the fact that it would be a 2-hour ride from Nueva Valencia, Alubijod, Guimaras to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras. It was a promise of a day jampacked with foodies.

first stop was the Guimaras mango stores

Each of us bought about 20 kilos of these goodies 🙂

more Guimaras mangoes for sale


hoarding at the Trappist

Our Lady of the Philippines Trappist Abbey offers some goodies including sweetened and unsweetened mango bars, jellies, a couple of souvenir items as well such shirts, rosaries and Catholic items.


goodies at the Trappist

on our way back to Iloilo City via pump boat from Jordan Wharf

Upon reaching Ortiz Wharf we hailed a cab and rallied our way to SM City Iloilo to deposit our luggages. YES! The only Traveller’s Lounge we’ve encountered all throughout our travels. Good thing the lounge is situated near the Iloilo Biscocho Haus. The Biscocho Haus boasts of the most delectable butterscotch in the entire of the Philippines. And I’m amenable to it, I swear by its name. So we decided to hoard first the goodies, deposited our luggages and foodies, and then off we went to Tatoy’s.

SM City Iloilo's Traveller's Lounge

goodies inside the Biscocho House

Never forget to purchase the butterscotch, it’s a must!

more goodies inside Biscocho Haus

Tatoy’s Manokan and Seafoods is located along the highway, at Villa Beach Iloilo. It was about half an hour cab ride away from SM City Iloilo, where we were met by a number of small roads, slowing the drive. The torturous cab ride where we spent around P300 was well worth it in the sense that it was our first time to experience such gastronomic satisfaction for our entire stay in Iloilo. My friends had an array of seafoods while I had the tasty Bisaya lechon manok, which is one of the bests in this restaurant. The entire bill was no more than P1000 for the following:

One has a choice to eat either at the villas located along the highway, where there’s an exotic view of the beach and the cars; or inside the restaurant itself where you can stay either at the air-conditioned or non air-conditioned pavilions. After our late lunch at Tatoy’s we decided to head back to SM City Iloilo and watch X-men First Class, which actually commenced our trip to the gateway of Western Visayas, Iloilo City.


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