Crowning Glory


I have always had a very long hair, thanks to my Dad who would always get angry whenever I attempt to cut my hair short. But now that I’m a full-grown adult, I am now in control of what I can and not do to my crowning glory. Here’s the transition on how I got my hair cut to possibly the shortest length that I have ever had in my entire life.

The short hair saga started when I decided to have my hair permed at Azta Urban Salon in Katipunan, Quezon City. That was on December 2010, days before new year. At first I was enjoying the fun of being a girl with curly red hair. I however did not expected that the maintenance for such could be that tiresome. I would practically spend hours and hours in front of a mirror just to set my permed hair after taking a bath. More so, I also didn’t expected that I would have to put tons of goo on my hair just so it would always stay in shape.

And then one day, the chemical treatment my hair has had and the almost everyday application of different hair-styling products had taken its toll. I experienced falling hair! Needless to say, there can be no other way to treat a chemically-damaged hair but to have it chopped off. It was May of 2011 when, with a heavy heart, I decided to finally put an end to my curly days and began my short hair saga.

And I have had a short hair since then.

Having a short hair is after all practical in my own opinion. What with the tropical weather that we have in our country, it is for me the most applicable cut that one can have. It’s comparable to a ready-to-wear garment – low maintenance I should say. Wash your hair, and off you go. You don’t even have to let it dry before leaving your house because it will dry naturally, with a tousled effect even. In other words, I am enjoying my short hair. It’s a liberating experience for someone like me who has had a long hair since birth.

For short hair maintenance, today I had my hair cut and colored to have that sophisticated, urban chic look. It was a decision that I made together with my dear friend Jassy Gabat. She also wanted to change her look as she will attend a wedding this weekend.

And to achieve that, first I had my hair cut by Miss Eva from Menage Salon located at M1/L, East Wing, TriNoma Mall, North Avenue, Quezon City. Although the exterior is quite intimidating for a salon, the rates offered by Menage go for as low as P200 for the Top Stylist to as high as P450 for the Artistic Director cut. Miss Eva charges her services at P350. By the way, I want to thank Miss Jassy Gabat for sponsoring today’s hair cut 🙂

Miss Eva gave me a modern deep-part bob cut while she gave Jassy an urban pixie cut. What I liked about Miss Eva is that her cut is very detailed, down to every section of your hair. She asked us first the look we wanted to achieve, and even showed her a sample photo. After which she discussed with us on how she would immortalize the cut. I liked her work ethics, plain and simple. For me proper communication between the customer and the stylist is one key note for a successful hair cut. And we had that with Miss Eva. The verdict? She is one stylist that I definitely recommend from Menage Salon in Trinoma.

the logo

Jassy and Miss Eva

Me and Miss Eva

For the hair color part,  Jassy and I opted for a cheaper salon and went to Esplanade Salon located at D. Tuazon in Quezon City. Good thing the stylists at Esplanade were also in the know how on colors that appropriate and wearable for the summer season. Taking into consideration the skin condition that I have I went for their herbal based colorant as it is appropriate for someone who has skin allergies like me. Jassy was charged at P770 for a L’Oreal Paris light mahogany colorant while I was charged at P350 for the herbal dark mahogany colorant.

hair color at Esplanade Salon

And here is the result of Jassy’s hair cut and color for today. Will post my photo once I have one. Tuh-dah!

Jassy before the pixie cut

Jassy with the pixie cut by Miss Eva


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