Sunset At Pearl Farm


D: I’m hungry! J: Me too! S: Food!

We arrived there just in time for lunch and headed straight to the Maranao Restaurant. It was jampacked with guests that day so we were lucky to find a table near the buffet area. My eyes feasted on a multitude of sumptuous choices! For the main course they served alimango in sweet-spicy sauce (which my 2 friends devoured on), breaded fish with mayonnaise, grilled pork, roasted chicken, pork and chicken adobo, buttered vegetables, pancit bihon, plain rice and bagoong rice. In a small corner was a hot pot stall for the soup. And at the back of the main course area were different kinds of desserts, fresh fruits and fresh garden salads. I feasted on the pomelo and melon cuts first. After which got myself a few slices of breaded fish, rice and pork adobo. Janyl and Sheila must have ate at least 5 whole alimango’s aside from the fish, chicken and pork they grabbed along. It was a feast for the 3 of us, a reward after being able to get through the motorcycle ride and the bat caves all in one piece!

the restaurant

buffet lunch

the alimango dish

breaded fish

our share of the buffet

happy faces after a meal

The rest of the afternoon was spent lazying around the resort. Shuttle service was very busy at that time so we waited for quite a few minutes for our turn. When the shuttle arrived I instructed the driver to take us to the other side of the resort where we can enjoy the beach.  He immediately knew where I was referring to and followed exactly as I said.  The spot was fabulous! All I can think of was a frozen margarita and some smokes. We stayed at that spot the entire afternoon. I bet the pictures would let you imagine why.

the Parola from afar

view from the Parola

the shuttle

the beach

the lounge area



view of Malipano Island

4PM signaled the time to change into our dry clothes. Hurriedly ran to the shuttle, still trying to fix ourselves on our way.  The ferry train leaves on time and we surely don’t want to miss the ride back to the city wharf. Assembly place is at the Parola. We were met by a number of people, also waiting for the ferry, who were busy with each other’s recollection and stories of the day. It broke my heart when I realized how time flew by so fast.

afternoon delight

Janyl's bridge

Divine's gong

Sheila's rock

Lucky to witness the sunset on our way back to the Pearl Farm Marina…

sunset oh sunset

clouds and ferry

just enjoying the ride

appears to be a silver lining

tired travelers



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